Sunday, 2 September 2007

Been Awhile

Oops. Already my intention to do daily posts has fallen flat.
So, I am sure everyone is intensely curious to know how it went. I made it to Friday. Not Saturday. Still, that's an improvement. I shall attempt to build on that.

In my last post I was musing on the whole craving/exercise thing. Turns out the problem wasn't craving becasue I hadn't exercised. I was under-feeding myself! In my zeal to be healthy and my pin-point focus on soda, I was not eating enough. So I was hungry. Which I would say is a wee bit different from having a craving.

The lesson? Don't starve yourself! So I will need to pay attention to how much I am eating as well as what. Seems like an obvious thing in retrospect. Duh.

Next week we will be climbing back on the wagon. I think I will simply try to not drink soda on days I am working. It will be an easy way to remember.

We shall see how it goes.


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