Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Day 3, goal 1

Still no soda drinking here. Today was professional development day for me. This meant they fed me dinner. Wasn't bad. Wasn't great. Some kind of chiken kiev-like object with a couple of roast potatoes. I had half a glass of wine. That may have been a mistake. Now I am craving something, and the soda is calling me. But I will be strong.

I didn't do any pedaling today. I worked from 9-6 and then went straight to the P.D. thing. Maybe that is why I am craving. So far this week, I haven't had any real cravings. This is day 3, so I may just be hitting the metaphorical wall. Or perhaps, since I didn't exercise, my appetite is not being suppressed by the workout.

That would appear to be a good reason to maintain the workouts. They suppress cravings. I will have to test this theory over the next few days. The question becomes, does the exercise actually suppress the cravings, or does it keep me busy so I don't think about cravings. I know that, generally speaking, exercise suppresses appetite. I can't say I have noticed this in myself in the past. If anything, my appetite seemed to increase because I was burning more calories.

I shall experiment and report back.

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