Monday, 3 September 2007

Morew on the Topic of Soda

Apparently our bodies compensate for the low-cal food. Such as diet soda. It seems for each can of diet soda (as compared to regular soda) the risk of becoming overweight is 11% higher!(41% compared to 30%) In addition, if you are worried about the aspartame in diet soda, you have to drink around 20 cans in a day for it to be an issue.

So, if we drink diet soda, in an effort to keep a lid on our weight, then we may actually be doing the opposite and increasing our weight. In addition, this appears to apply to any low-calorie food. We think we are fooling our body, but in actuality, we are sabotaging our efforts. All unknowingly, but still, there it is.

So the diet industry is actually making the problem worse. We should not be eating special low cal foods. We should be eating normal, healthy food. As in fruits, vegetables and other normal foods. In proper portion sizes.



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